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The Fire Dog
Dog at WorkDogs are resourceful and eager to help out at work. Dogs will take on more work if it means less work for their peers. They enjoy learning new skills and as a result are cherished employees. A Dog's just and fair nature comes in handy when in positions of leadership where decisions have to be made.

Well Suited Dog Occupations

Nurses, Interior decorators, Counselors, Priests, Politicians, Judges, Clerks, Police officers, Psychiatrists, Scientists, Teachers, Professors

February 16, 2018 to May 14, 2018

In your work, try to carry out your most urgent or most tedious tasks first. The way will then be free for your beautiful initiatives. Learn the good habit of liquidating your obligations as soon as they arrive, instead of letting them pile up and then have the effect of interfering with your march forward or even of demoralizing you. This habit is not so hard to acquire as it seems, and it can render you tremendous services!

May 15, 2018 to August 10, 2018

You'll be like a lion that puts out its claws. You'll prove to be a tenacious fighter, well decided to attain all your professional objectives. At times, you will even appear as looking for struggles. More go-ahead than ever, you'll enthusiastically embark on audacious undertakings. If you're an independent worker, you'll know how to profit by your autonomy to the utmost, and you'll get excellent results. But you'll rather find it difficult to work within a group. If you feel an irrepressible need to tell your superiors or your associates what you think, make sure beforehand that it's what they wish to hear.


August 11, 2018 to November 7, 2018

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November 8, 2018 to February 4, 2019

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