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The Earth Rooster

Sunday April 23, 2017

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Monday April 24, 2017

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Rooster HoroscopeThe Rooster always considers life as a comedy rather than a tragedy, and this preserves him/her from pessimism and discouragement. He/she will therefore enjoy himself/herself this year, do foolish things, but will always keep a certain sense of measure. Moreover, he/she will study philosophers, particularly those who know how to make fun of philosophy, such as Montaigne and Pascal.

If he/she continues in this path, he/she will have chances to spend the year profitably. Beware, however! He/she should not continue to believe that all people are foolish except for himself/herself: "It's great folly to want to be wise all alone" (La Rochefoucauld)!
Chinese Zodiac Element Earth

What Your Earth Element Adds

Luck will be on your side. Moreover, you'll cultivate the taste for effort. This is what will allow you to bring your most ambitious projects to a successful conclusion. In love, you'll often put your mate on tenterhooks. But you'll also surround him (her) with delicate attentions...

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