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The Earth Snake

Friday March 23, 2018

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Saturday March 24, 2018

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Snake HoroscopeQuality of life first! That will be your motto for this year. You will do your utmost to take more time to live and to live well than to earn money or to climb the social ladder. And you'll regret having forgotten to live for so long. Profit by this teaching of Epicurus: "When one is young one should begin to philosophize, and when one is old one should not be tired of philosophizing. For it is never too early or too late to work at the health of the soul."

Your various activities will be very favorably influenced. But this should not be a reason for counting the chickens before they're hatched. You'll still have to make numerous efforts in order to give your projects solid foundations. Amorous and financial matters in particular will be on the upswing, and you'll be very pleased with them.
Chinese Zodiac Element Earth

What Your Earth Element Adds

Good contacts will be favored this year. It will therefore up to you to move, to show yourself off to the best advantage, and also to give a more positive and more durable basis to your recent relationships. A new, merry, somewhat frivolous phase related to youth will begin. For some natives, this ambience may imply a flirtation that may become important, but more in intensity than in duration.

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