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The Wood Rat

Monday April 24, 2017

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Tuesday April 25, 2017

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Rat HoroscopeThe Rat will practically meet with no trouble this year. He/she'll charm numerous members of the opposite sex, and can experience many love adventures. Moreover, his/her levelheadedness and wisdom will bring him/her the admiration and esteem of all.

However, he/she should beware of his/her tendency to adultery and unfaithfulness. He/she will like to be fickle, but things will not always end up turning out all right as if by magic. By dint of relying on his/her luck in flitting about ceaselessly, he/she would run the risk of finding himself/herself in complicated or ambiguous situations which might prove embarrassing or disturb his/her interior peace. "It's by putting too much into the bag that one breaks it" (Cervantes).
Chinese Zodiac Element Wood

What Your Wood Element Adds

New horizons for you! In love, if your couple was shaken last year, you'll have frank, sometimes a little heated, discussions with your mate. This will allow a new start on different bases. In the professional domain, you can finally tackle large-scale projects.

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