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The Water Rooster

Tuesday January 23, 2018

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Wednesday January 24, 2018

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Rooster HoroscopeThis year you'll experience great satisfactions in more than one sector of your life. These satisfactions will be quiet and are not likely to entail a noticeable upheaval in your existence. In other words, they may simply make you happy, enthusiastic, relaxed, without your having to make exhausting adjustment efforts, but they also may not help you to act with glamour if such is your desire.

A new phase of your existence will probably begin since the astral configurations of the year as a whole will strongly incite you to revise your way of life. You'll be aware that money can at most be one of the innumerable aids to happiness and that "the single fact of existing is already a true happiness" (Blaise Cendrars).
Chinese Zodiac Element Water

What Your Water Element Adds

You'll be on good terms with your nearest and dearest, in an atmosphere of warm complicity, in an ambience which you'll know how to render welcoming and full of life. Remain however on your guard concerning certain persons as the risk of a dark plot cannot be totally excluded.

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