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The Earth Pig

Thursday August 5, 2021

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Friday August 6, 2021

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Pig HoroscopeTo open your mind to new ideas, to forget your egotism, to judge others without being mistaken: all this will be possible to you this year. You must therefore cast away your preconceived ideas, your trenchant judgments, your ill-feelings toward those who do not share your views. You can also profit by this favorable astral environment to finish a delicate job or to put an end to certain bad habits. If you want to tackle the learning of a foreign language, there won't be a better period to do it.

Only one real celestial ally this year, but an important ally: the star Tuong Quan. He'll be favorable to you most of the time. Not only will he be in harmony with your sign but he'll also form a square that gives out its benefits without one's having much to do to deserve them. Thus, for instance, you'll be offered a post to which you did not even dare to aspire, or you'll be given a pay raise which you did not demand, or the person whom you've been dreaming about secretly will take up his (her) phone to call you!
Chinese Zodiac Element Earth

What Your Earth Element Adds

Your professional success will depend partly on the extent of your ambitions and partly on the power of the work done. You'll know how to neutralize the difficulties and impediments that have been in your way until then, and how to bring yourself to the fore.

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