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The Metal Rat
Rat HoroscopeYou'll have the will to succeed in all that you'll undertake, but you'll probably lack prudence and discernment. You'll have difficulty distinguishing between what's achievable and what's inaccessible. For you, will is simply power. You won't know how to wait for the strategic moment to act and you'll systematically play at bulldozers in coping with obstacles. Unless you succeed in measuring out the right amount of enthusiasm and obstinacy, failures and disappointments may befall you this year.

With this being said, everything can be an advantage for you this year. Especially, the stars Ta Phu and Huu Bat will motivate you and offer you unfailing luck. The planets Kinh Duong and Benh Phu, who'll be in harmony with your sign, will also help you to fulfill all your wishes. These impacts will prove even more powerful for some natives of Fire years.
Chinese Zodiac Element Metal

What Your Metal Element Adds

Certainly one cannot reproach you for lacking initiative in your work. You'll take excellent decisions, and you'll brilliantly manage your affairs. You'll even succeed in achieving a most ambitious project.

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