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The Wood Pig

Wednesday February 21, 2018

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Thursday February 22, 2018

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Pig HoroscopeSeeing you so full of high spirits and optimism, one would like to ask you lessons of joy of living! You'll have a marvelous comportment most of the time in the course of this year. More sociable than ever, you'll be at ease everywhere. You'll know how to cheer up a rather dull evening party as well as communicate your enthusiasm to your work team. The stars promise you very easy contacts and complicities which you'll appreciate particularly.

However, sometimes in the course of the year, you'll allow yourself to be unstable. You'll then lack strictness as well as patience, and you'll be inclined to drop certain projects which cannot be achieved as quickly as you would wish. But if you knew that "he who moved the mountain is he who had begun with taking away small stones" (Chinese proverb), then you'd be more prone to perseverance.
Chinese Zodiac Element Wood

What Your Wood Element Adds

Events will not turn out the way you wished and you'll get upset about it. You'd better try to master equality of soul. Getting jittery will help solve no problem and may even further complicate things.

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