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The Earth Ox

Wednesday December 1, 2021

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Thursday December 2, 2021

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Ox HoroscopeThe star Thien Hinh in excellent aspects will shower his benefits. Numerous will thus be natives of the sign who'll show a state of mind that's less down-to-earth, less immediately centered on material concerns. Some of you will desire to put something else into their existence, turning more willingly toward philosophy, religion, or parapsychology. Should this be the case, they'll generally go about it with much curiosity, but will remain indifferent to the urging appeals of self-styled gurus or of religious sects.

Your best advantage this year will paradoxically be Tham Lang who'll be present in your sign most of the time. This austere planet will be rather oppressive by moments. But Tham Lang does not only have defects, far from it! He harbors many qualities that you won't have much difficulty to exploit to your profit, all the more so as such qualities are in accordance with your temperament. Tham Lang renders you correct, ambitious, orderly, and hard-working. Now, you're one of the most realistic and efficacious signs of the Zodiac. You'll then spontaneously know how to profit by the presence of the star Tham Lang so as to build your destiny on solid bases, notably as far as the professional and financial fields are concerned.
Chinese Zodiac Element Earth

What Your Earth Element Adds

Things will move in your life, and you won't be unhappy about it. For once, you'll be satisfied to smash your good old habits to pieces. New horizons will be opened to you and promise you wonders.

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