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The Wood Rat
Rat SexRats are playful and mysterious which means the sex is never dull. Rats are also full of energy and use this advantage in the bedroom. As natural leaders, Rats can be greedy but if they find a partner willing to stand up to them - the sex will be explosive.

Best Partners

Monkey and Dragon

Worst Partner



Anything where the Rat takes the lead - try The High Dive or Edge of Heaven
SkillThe Rat is a "number one" kind of person, loving to be first at the finish line. This is good if you're the female in the relationship. If not, the person will find himself doing do-over's to please his partner. Rats love to kiss and experiment with different toys. Keep a pack of batteries handy and some munchies for after.
Female Symbol

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Female Rat

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Male Symbol

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Male Rat

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