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The Water Dog
Dog SexDogs keep their emotions under control and aren't ones to offer continual displays of affection. Despite being very talented between the sheets, Dogs can be neurotic and need constant reassurance. They're very attentive to their partner and will shower affection on them. Their stable side can be boring to some, so adding a little spice in the bedroom should liven things up.

Best Partners

Horse and Tiger

Worst Partner



Affectionate and passionate positions like The Squat and the Good Spread
SkillSexy and smart, the Dog is loyal and faithful, which makes for a good lover. Oral activity is a favorite of the Dog. Make sure you wear a sweet perfume as the fragrance creates an atmosphere that drives the Dog crazy and brings out the best performance possible.
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Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Female Dog

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Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Male Dog

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