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The Wood Rabbit
Rabbit SexRabbits love sex! They are very sexual and enjoy the intimacy and tenderness of making love. They love foreplay and appreciate public displays of affection to boost their confidence. Once a Rabbit gets into the swing of things they'll be at it for hours!

Best Partners

Sheep and Pig

Worst Partner



Try more intimate and sensual positions like Lap Love or Face to Face
SkillThese have a lazy kind of energy, but, hey, they are so soft and sweet. You just want to hold them and stroke their hair. Once you get the bunny going, they don't want to stop. Lavishing them with love will bring out their skill set, and as they give back the good loving, you find yourself reaching for more Red Bull.
Female Symbol

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Female Rabbit

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Male Symbol

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Male Rabbit

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