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The Water Rooster
Rooster SexRoosters are intensely private and are not ones to kiss and tell. They desire intimacy, but also enjoy plenty of passion! Great in bed, Roosters are very touchy feely and like lots of foreplay and flirting. They like to be dominant in bed and their perfectionist streak means they're devoted to complete satisfaction all round!

Best Partners

Snake and Ox

Worst Partner



More practical positions such as the Organ Grinder and Reverse Cowgirl
SkillDid someone say threesome or foursome? This bird loves diversity. They're in charge no matter how many are in the bed. Be it all at once or having more than one lover, they aim to please. Keeping the lights on or having daytime sessions is part of the nature of this fine-feathered friend.
Female Symbol

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Female Rooster

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Male Symbol

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Male Rooster

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