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The Earth Ox
Ox SexOxen like stability and shine in long-term relationships when they begin to feel more comfortable. This means that sex may become slightly repetitive so spice things up with some new sex positions. Having said that, Oxes are hard-working and very devoted, so they make very generous and selfless lovers - great for taking their time in bed!

Best Partners

Snake and Rooster

Worst Partner



Anything where the Ox can take their time - try Tantric sex positions
SkillSlow and steady, strong and safe, the Ox has great upper body strength and wonderful legs. They need plenty of time to get comfortable before embarking on sexual relations. By the time you get there, you'll find it was well worth the wait.
Female Symbol

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Female Ox

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Male Symbol

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Male Ox

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