The 10 THE DOG 10 Symbol - DUAL SIGNS
Cute Aries

The Dog and Aries

Contradictions are more numerous in you than in other natives of your Aries sign. The greatest of such contradictions is the one between a youthful, impulsive, daring nature, and an old-fashioned, diplomatic, circumspect nature. You act most often spontaneously, then you draw back. Thus, you only proceed by fits and starts, preferring to take one step back after having taken two forward.

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Cute Taurus

The Dog and Taurus

You're known to be earthy because you possess most of the characteristics habitually attributed to Earth signs. Therefore, you're very realistic in the first place; dream and above all utopia have little room in your comportment. You also have the sense of concrete, material things. But it's especially patience that's the culminating point of your character you often give out the impression of hav-
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Cute Gemini

The Dog and Gemini

All those who meet you are struck by this essential trait of your character lucidity. It's not ordinary, common lucidity, but the one that leaves little room for emotion, which can lead you to incapacity to be roused or to trust. As a consequence, you've much practical sense and realism, which forbid you to harbor any fantasy or illusion.

Your sense of responsibilities is very well devel-
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Cute Cancer

The Dog and Cancer

This combination endows your personality with contradictions which are extremely difficult to assume. The situation is all the more painfully felt by you since your childhood was full of events that were brusque or marked with certain lack of affection.

Frustration is probably at the root of all your actions and reactions which by this fact are difficult to foresee. You're a type who, on-
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Cute Leo

The Dog and Leo

You seem to live more in the past than in the present. If you've undergone reversals of fortune, you make a fixation on them and tend to live only on the memories of a prestigious past, which may be real or imaginary. As your destiny is often marked with a tragic event in your childhood it may sometimes be your father's death it's a tendency to guilt and expiation that guides your actions and reac-
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Cute Virgo

The Dog and Virgo

You're never in a hurry you give the impression of having eternity for yourself. No wonder if you're persevering, hard-working, tenacious. Once you've fixed an objective, nothing and nobody can divert you from it, and you'll reach it.

Paradoxically, you're also very much preoccupied with problems related to death and the beyond. It's probably because, unconsciously, you consider your ter-
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Cute Libra

The Dog and Libra

You've the sense of diplomacy in your blood. You excel in the art of easing off tense or conflictual situations, sitting on the fence, obtaining all kinds of concessions, and sailing in stormy waters. It's in your nature to temporize so as to avoid violence and clashes, which you don't bear.

You do know what you want, and you've enough ambition to reach it. But, by lack of aggressiveness-
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Cute Scorpio

The Dog and Scorpio

You don't try to charm, that's the least one could say! On account of your great strength of character, your severity, and your harshness, you try to impose yourself in all and upon all.

You're endowed with remarkable energy and willpower, extraordinary endurance and moral resistance. Your intelligence is sharp, lucid, which constantly incites you to grasp the hidden, the invisible, the -
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Cute Sagittarius

The Dog and Sagittarius

You're most often the scene of an indecisive struggle between powerful outbursts and no less powerful restraint. This hesitation can last during a good part of your life. Generally, you dare not, before certain age, give free reins to your instinctive, passionate, and enthusiastic nature. Nevertheless, you'll always preserve a moral and moralistic side which is tinted with aggressivity.

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Cute Capricorn

The Dog and Capricorn

You're as severe toward yourself as toward others, for you've principles and intend to apply them strictly. But this sternness of character is more apparent than real. Indeed, your comportment is in actuality only a translation of your fears, anguishes, of your great difficulty to feel at peace with yourself, to love yourself.

Your natural severity can sometimes be intensified by the ber-
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Cute Aquarius

The Dog and Aquarius

"A thousand books are not worth an experience". You seem to take this Vietnamese proverb for your life motto. Indeed, you mistrust all theories and abstractions, and proceed only by relying on your own past experiences and sometimes on those of others. Of course, you've a taste for new experiences, but they must always take place under strict control. And it's this caution that assures your effici-
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Cute Pisces

The Dog and Pisces

One is often mistaken on your account for it's not easy to know your real nature. One takes you for a cold person whereas in actuality you've a tender heart; one believes you to be a severe moralist but you're basically a person who enjoys the pleasures of life. Moreover, you take certain pleasure in baffling others.

You look for responsibilities and make laudable efforts to assume them -
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