Monday April 24, 2017

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Tuesday April 25, 2017

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Dragon HoroscopeLuck will smile to the charming Dragon. He/she will prosper in many sectors of activity. And as far as amorous conquests are concerned, he/she will be among the luckiest ones. Will all that make him/her happy? It's little probable, for the native can't help having a feeling of dissatisfaction. He/she would have preferred, rather unconsciously most of the time, experiencing a profound and durable love instead of thrilling but transitory amorous affairs. He/she would also have wished to lead a richer and more intense interior life.

But his/her happiness will depend on him/her and him/her alone. In order to be happy, he/she must, right now, begin to learn wisdom. "When one is young, one must apply oneself to philosophizing; and when one is old, one should not get tired of philosophizing. For it's never too early or too late to work for the health of the soul" (Epicurus).

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