Cute Aries

The Horse and Aries

In you, intuition, impulsiveness as well as independent and domineering, generous and optimistic character traits are brought to the highest degree. You achieve feats in all possible fields during the whole course of your life. Indifference and mediocrity are what resemble you the least.

You've a tendency to be overly confident. It's relatively easy to deceive you for it rarely comes to y-
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Cute Taurus

The Horse and Taurus

You're straight off a very engaging and sympathetic personality. Near you, one feels at ease and enthusiastic. One finds in you a nature which is fond of life, sensual but without vice. Your life morals are above all centered on normality as well as simple and wholesome pleasures.

One can sometimes reproach you for certain egoism. But, basically, you're perfectly capable of generosity an-
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Cute Gemini

The Horse and Gemini

Many types coexist in you one would get lost in trying to understand you, and you'd get lost yourself too! Should one take you for an idealistic cynic or a cynical idealist? You're by turns charming and irritating, motionless and restless, lymphatic and nervous. Your personality is all a tissue of contrasts and contradictions. It pleases you to say whatever things just in order to provoke reaction-
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Cute Cancer

The Horse and Cancer

You're a type who's gentle, sympathetic, affectionate, and who knows how to make himself/herself loved. But these good traits are not innate it's you who've forged them since your earliest years. Indeed, your childhood is often marked with painful events; but these ordeals, instead of rendering you revolted or bitter, strengthen your desire to understand, protect, save others from the sufferings t-
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Cute Leo

The Horse and Leo

You're an ardent temperament which ignores half-measures. You always feel compelled to go to the heart of things. If you can find a cause worthy of your ideal, then you're capable of surpassing yourself and doing everything possible so as to reach your objective, come hell or high water. You've a taste for spectacular actions and for panache. You like to oblige others, but your generosity is marke-
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Cute Virgo

The Horse and Virgo

Two natures clash in you, with various results one sticks to security, the other dreams of adventures; one prefers arrivals, the other prefers starts. It would need little to make one give way to the other. Therefore, you're rather shifty. But everything will be well if you know how to exploit your qualities of conscience, honesty, efficacy, and reflection.

You're lovable, sympathetic, a-
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Cute Libra

The Horse and Libra

We've a very gregarious combination here. It's impossible for you to live withdrawn into yourself. On the contrary, your life is almost entirely turned outwards you like distractions, spectacles, crowds, outings, cronies. This is to say that you need the presence of others and have numerous friends and acquaintances, who on the other hand serve your success.

You've much ease, charm, and -
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Cute Scorpio

The Horse and Scorpio

Always higher! That's what could be your motto. You constantly give yourself gigantic challenges because you feel irrepressible needs to surpass yourself. You always have the ambition and desire to achieve great things, to put almost unsurmountable obstacles before yourself.

In any case, you need some kind of ideal that will force you to progress constantly. But it's your subconscious wh-
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Cute Sagittarius

The Horse and Sagittarius

What's missing the most for your happiness is equanimity. Indeed, you've too unstable a character because of your excessive emotivity. Those who don't know you well reproach you for being a true weathercock.

You're kind and helpful, and one likes you well for that. But one reproaches you for meddling with other people's lives and giving unwanted counsels. Always ready to console everybod-
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Cute Capricorn

The Horse and Capricorn

This structure gives you the possibility to assert yourself without much difficulty. You're ambitious, but in a rather moderate and wise manner, for your need of security prevents you from dashing headlong and taking too great risks.

One could say that you're optimistic and believe in what you do. However, it's difficult for you to avoid depressive moments and fits of discouragement. It'-
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Cute Aquarius

The Horse and Aquarius

What characterizes you most is your chivalrous mind. Animated with generous ideas, you behave as a genuine humanitarian and idealist. Enthusiastic, you believe in progress, in the future, in the disappearance of frontiers, in universal brotherhood. Some people would take you for a naive or utopian type, but they should recognize your good heart. You willingly bring help to the weak, the oppressed,-
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Cute Pisces

The Horse and Pisces

You exercise sure fascination over others because of the mystery of which you alone have the secret. But on the other side, a little naive and with variable humors, you let yourself be easily taken in by appearances, especially when your good feelings are called for.

Your life is often a continual whirl, made of changes and travels. In fact you don't aspire to stability, to a stay-at-hom-
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