Cute Aries

The Monkey and Aries

You're eternally unsatisfied asocial, not to say revolted, you are capable of spark off a crisis if the occasion presents itself to you. You bear neither orders nor constraints, which often puts you in the fringes of traditional society; it's only in these fringes that you can live as you like and bloom.

Very independent and innovative, you defend your ideas with passion, not hesitating t-
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Cute Taurus

The Monkey and Taurus

You're a nature full of contradictions you often don't know what you want exactly, and your actions are regularly at variance with what you advocate. This can give your personality certain charm, but can also render it disconcerting or even irritating.

You always feel great difficulty reconciling your need for security with your need for freedom. Your stubbornness can sometimes play you -
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Cute Gemini

The Monkey and Gemini

One has to deal here with a kind of Gemini squared. Your personality is clearly marked with intelligence, inventiveness, easy communication. Everything in you takes place at the cerebral level idea takes precedence over achievements, and projects over constructions.

Innumerable ideas incessantly swarm in your mind. Many of them are valuable, but they are generally so much in advance on t-
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Cute Cancer

The Monkey and Cancer

Your comportment is generally incoherent if you don't succeed in solving a major part of your inherent contradictions. You can't bear constraints, and yet you need to be supervised. You would want to be independent, but you prove to be indecisive. One would like to see you with stronger willpower.

You've difficulty emerging from childhood for you remain credulous and naive a long time. O-
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Cute Leo

The Monkey and Leo

You're the scene of some flagrant contradictions, which are almost everlasting and which render you rather disconcerting. Your comportment is conservative and revolutionary at the same time. There's a clearly narcissist and egocentric side to your character, but you're at the same time endowed with a nature which is anxious for common welfare. Your human relationships are conducted under the sign -
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Cute Virgo

The Monkey and Virgo

In this combination, it's rather the Monkey side that bears on the Virgo side. The former rids the second of its conformism and preconceived ideas and forces it to take risks. However, you preserve some precious Virgo qualities as well exceptional intelligence, faculties of invention, sense of research and discovery.

One greatly appreciates your virtue of devotion and your concern for co-
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Cute Libra

The Monkey and Libra

One could never get bored or morose in your company. Indeed, your joy of living, your curious mind as well as your fighting optimism are very contagious.

You've good charm and personality. You can make friends almost everywhere, all the more so since you're attracted by foreign countries and travels. You're very tolerant, very indulgent, very open, hating dogmatism and sectarianism. Your-
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Cute Scorpio

The Monkey and Scorpio

Some people say that you only do what you like and as you like; others, more indulgent, maintain that you only act according to your convictions. In any case, your real way must always be out of beaten tracks. You like to swim against the stream, liven up preconceived ideas, do what no one has ever tried, and all this in whatever field.

You're generous and disinterested; you willingly gi-
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Cute Sagittarius

The Monkey and Sagittarius

This combination highlights a nature where egoism is almost totally absent and where altruism reigns unchallenged. Feelings of friendship and solidarity occupy the fore of your personality. You show exemplary faithfulness to those whom you love. With your deep goodness, you seem to be primarily concerned about serving the community; but some people may try to abuse your extreme disinterestedness.<-
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Cute Capricorn

The Monkey and Capricorn

One could say that you're less of an actor on life's scene than a spectator interested in what takes place there. Indeed, you're principally a scientific mind turned toward research, history, archeology, paleontology, study of ideas and philosophies in sum, toward all that allows to discover the origins and future of the human being. You've a taste for obscure or metaphysical jobs. Preferring to s-
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Cute Aquarius

The Monkey and Aquarius

One says that you're a little foolish and one isn't quite wrong! Indeed, you're often disconnected from reality, you act in a fancy manner, and only want to do what nobody has ever done. You carry very far your desire to single yourself out of the flock. You ostentatiously show your non-conformism on all occasions, not hesitating to verge on anarchism and provocation. But your personality is more -
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Cute Pisces

The Monkey and Pisces

You function more with your unconscious than with your will. Very sensitive to the imaginary, you let yourself be drawn to attractions which may seem unexplainable to the eyes of common people. Your tendencies are more mystical or imaginative than practical. You like to do the good and are happier to give than to receive. But you cannot be grasped.

Your existence is ordinarily full of su-
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