The 1 THE OX 1 Symbol - DUAL SIGNS
Cute Aries

The Ox and Aries

Like all Aries natives, you like to discover, undertake, and rush ahead. But your comportment implies a good element of patience and application. You generally bring to a successful conclusion what you've undertaken despite all the obstacles which you could have encountered.

Concrete, realistic, attached to the goods of this world and not much inclined to sacrifice, you can show egoism. O-
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Cute Taurus

The Ox and Taurus

One can always notice something heavy in your personality, and one would like to see you with certain note of lightness and spontaneity. But with your feet well planted on earth, you're a mountain of stability, obstinacy, and tenacity those are traits which most often prove to be qualities rather than drawbacks in your case. Whatever you want, you'll get it almost always surely, come hell or high -
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Cute Gemini

The Ox and Gemini

People deem you unstable and changeable, and they are not wrong. You always need change, novelty, and even the unforeseen; routine and the foreseeable bore you deeply. And yet, from time to time, you let your old conservative background emerge and make a more or less long halt.

You're clever, merry, flexible, and easy to live with. One finds in you an agreeable companion in daily life. Y-
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Cute Cancer

The Ox and Cancer

One finds you very easy to live with - you've much gentleness, an accommodating character, and good will in daily life. You're also merry and obliging. You may sometimes happen to be in the clouds, a little muddleheaded, but you succeed in making yourself forgiven everything.

You're very much attached to family and traditions and don't bear that those whom you love be harmed. Having much-
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Cute Leo

The Ox and Leo

Action is your reason for living you must always act, for good if possible, if not for evil. In any case, you've the good will to serve the community, without however forgetting your personal interests and above all your glory. Is it for this reason that your destiny is often serrated?

Hazard plays a rather important role in your existence. But other decisive elements also appear regular-
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Cute Virgo

The Ox and Virgo

Indiscipline, fantasy, and improvisation never have room in your way of life. You want to arrange, control, and foresee everything. You're intelligent and conscientious but often too obstinate you've difficulty returning back, you insist on being right at all cost, and you don't bear contradiction. Under your simple manners hides a very secret and withdrawn personality.

In spite of your -
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Cute Libra

The Ox and Libra

This combination endows you with very feminine personality, even if you're desperately a man! You're therefore very charming, sentimental, sensual, and romantic. One notes a clear tendency to coquetry in you.

You've a great need to live in a harmonious ambience, any non defused tension and conflict being able to have an adverse impact on your morale and health. You've a taste for pleasur-
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Cute Scorpio

The Ox and Scorpio

One deems you an uncouth, unrefined individual, and one is not completely wrong. Asocial, solitary, you are of frantic though unconscious egoism. Your presence is strong, and others must comply with your way of living, without possible discussion.

You're very jealous, very possessive, and very demanding, in sum very difficult to live with. And yet, you're attaching by other sides. Indeed-
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Cute Sagittarius

The Ox and Sagittarius

For you, the simple fact of living is already happiness. Indeed, you've a profound love for life, and you intend to live it to the fullest without any after-thoughts. Your philosophy is rather a hedonistic one, but in the good sense of the term you like sensual pleasures and the health that allows to enjoy them. However, your existence is far from being a simple pleasure party. This combination gi-
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Cute Capricorn

The Ox and Capricorn

In order to be well at ease, you need to have certainties. So you proceed in life with your eyes fixed on the ground. Dream has very little room with you; on the contrary, your well-rooted opinions constitute the backbone of your reasoning and comportment.

You want a good way of life, but you see to it in such a way as to lead an existence where there's little room for surprises. As you -
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Cute Aquarius

The Ox and Aquarius

Two personalities coexist permanently within you, one being original and charming, and the other free, independent, weird. You're conscious of concrete realities, with a constructive and materialistic side, and at the same time prone to illusion and utopia. In this way, your life is often fraught with dramatic turns of events, which don't disturb you excessively but which are harrowing for your cl-
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Cute Pisces

The Ox and Pisces

You've a voluptuous and sensual temperament which inclines you toward facility when your desires are called on. Endowed with very great intuition and instinct of mystery, you possess real power over others; you fascinate them as much as you inspire them certain apprehension toward yourself.

Basically egoistic, you can nevertheless have fits of generosity and altruistic acts; but they see-
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