The 11 THE PIG 11 Symbol - DUAL SIGNS
Cute Aries

The Pig and Aries

Whatever the hazards of your life may be, you'll always preserve certain childlike freshness, which at the same time makes your charm and constitutes a handicap. It's extremely difficult for you to break away from your familial milieu so as to reach your full maturity. This maturity is therefore slow to come along. In the meantime, you can experience failures of all kinds because of your indecisiv-
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Cute Taurus

The Pig and Taurus

You're a very engaging, gentle, and lovable personality people like you willingly. The sense of friendship is very much developed in you; you never hesitate to bend over backwards to please your numerous friends.

For you, the family circle is sacred and constitutes a sufficient universe where you evolve happily. You hardly like to get out of your home. Your attachment to your house, your-
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Cute Gemini

The Pig and Gemini

Generally, your start in life is long and painstaking, for you need numerous years to acquire maturity and self-assurance. Also often you encounter a handicap or familial problems from the beginning. No wonder if you have difficulties getting out of childhood and if you remain more or less a big baby for a long time. Faced with the problems which life poses you, you often feel distraught, not know-
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Cute Cancer

The Pig and Cancer

Your personality is all of charm and pleasing. Having also much gentleness and obligingness, you immediately put at ease those whom you meet. One always feels well in your company. You love telling funny stories and do it perfectly, helped in this by your unlimited imagination and your clownish side.

You've the gift for marveling at things, even in your old age, which helps you preserve -
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Cute Leo

The Pig and Leo

You, a Leo/Pig, don't quite resemble a pure Pig. Indeed, your combination possesses more ardor of will, more self-confidence, and also more aggressiveness.

You experience few setbacks in your life one would say that everything is granted to you in advance. Your chances are enormous and frequent, principally because of your rich creative possibilities, your sensitiveness, and your imagina-
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Cute Virgo

The Pig and Virgo

In you, Pig imagination bears upon Virgo logic. You're therefore more capricious than rational, more relaxed than methodical, more comprehensive than severe, and more charming than demanding. You've sharp intelligence, but it's sufficiently tinted with tenderness and affectivity. Your personality is rich in qualities, which are better appreciated in female than male natives of this combination. Me-
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Cute Libra

The Pig and Libra

You're an eternal adolescent, in the good sense of the word. Whatever your age, you preserve freshness of soul and infinitely charming spontaneity. No trace of malice or wickedness in your comportment. You're always an open book for everyone extremely sincere, generous, and warm.

Family and affective ties bear heavily on the orientation of your destiny. Your attachments to your childhood-
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Cute Scorpio

The Pig and Scorpio

You've an intense psychic life everything takes place in your interior self. You move in a secret universe, dominated by overbrimming imagination which, however, becomes gloomy very easily. This is to say that your personality is fraught with fantasms, morbid dreams, which isolate you from reality and may prevent you from assuming your responsibilities.

You're an overanxious nature, with-
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Cute Sagittarius

The Pig and Sagittarius

This combination endows you with an extremely imaginative nature. But your imagination tends more toward melancholia than toward gaiety. Indeed, you're inclined to make a tragedy of things, you often lack humor, and you run the risk of getting sick because of your excessive emotivity.

You're very obliging, to the point of feeling guilty if you don't deem yourself useful to someone or som-
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Cute Capricorn

The Pig and Capricorn

You're constantly drawn between two contradictory tendencies on one hand, the desire for perfect autonomy and an adult life with well assumed responsibilities; on the other hand, the temptation of escape into a well protected universe.

In any case, you've an enormous need of affection and warmth, although you've difficulty exteriorizing your feelings. You depend much on your close ones f-
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Cute Aquarius

The Pig and Aquarius

Your personality implies a very operative charm. Nobody can remain insensitive to your freshness, your deliciously childlike side, your kindliness. It's perhaps because you always keep inside yourself the nostalgia of lost paradises.

Your life is full of surprises and changes, which are most of the time happy, as if you benefit from special divine protection. But this doesn't prevent you-
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Cute Pisces

The Pig and Pisces

Your nature is essentially feminine, even though you belong manifestly to the bearded race. You're very intuitive, hypersensitive, romantic, lethargic and dreamy. You're always on the lookout for what cannot be grasped, you love changes and escapism. You tend toward laziness, look for comfort and facility. All this doesn't make of you a detestable person, but on the contrary gives you indefinable -
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