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The Rabbit Matteo
The Fire Rabbit
The Rabbit Symbol

Dual Signs of The Rabbit

The RabbitVirgo
The Rabbit and Virgo
Cute VirgoIt would be erroneous to believe that this structure gives some kind of Virgo squared or double Rabbit. Indeed, you can only be one or the other of these two quite different, almost antithetical personalities, and the branching out in one or the other direction depends on still totally unknown circumstances.

You can be a personality who's maniacal, cheeseparing, haunted by the fear of need, incapable of taking a risk. One then finds you without great ambitions, without audacious initiatives, preferring anonymity and security to everything else. But you can also very well be a person who's capable of undertaking with audacity, looking at life with humor, and having confidence in your recklessness and sometimes in your genius.

In all cases, you're a worker whose professional conscience and efficacy are irreplaceable. You succeed better in a position of confidence or in the shadow of a boss rather than in the limelight. Sometimes you can become a great businessman/woman or an estimated scientist.

Your affections can become strong and deep with time but always have difficulty manifesting themselves. With you, reason always tries to bear on sentiments. Once fixed, you prove to be a serious and faithful partner, extremely devoted to his/her beloved ones.
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