Cute Aries

The Rabbit and Aries

You've a personality full of contradictions, and well clear-sighted is the one who can get through them! The most flagrant of such contradictions resides in your desire for adventures and your need of security. Despite your dynamism, you harbor internal conflicts and persistent tendencies to anguish.

But in spite of all that, you can fare well by devoting part of your life to hoard up mat-
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Cute Taurus

The Rabbit and Taurus

What's the most remarkable in you is your very well developed practical sense. You know how to count, defend yourself and, if necessary, attack. One would have an interest in not being your adversary or enemy, for then you'll never let him/her off. But one would do well to ask you for counsels of a concrete order you have excellent ones to give thanks to your vivid intelligence and your logical, r-
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Cute Gemini

The Rabbit and Gemini

What one cannot fail to notice first of all in you is your intelligence, your cleverness, and your rapidity of assimilation. But it's perhaps these very gifts that incline you a little too much toward nervousness and cerebralism. Your personality therefore lacks some spontaneity and fantasy.

You've a great need of movement and change. A life which is well regulated and without unexpected-
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Cute Cancer

The Rabbit and Cancer

In you, the element Rabbit brings to Cancerian imagination more realism, more practical sense, logic, and method. You don't need to be closely supervised so as to manage your affairs well. But, on the other hand, you'll have to struggle a long time against your paralyzing shyness and inhibitions, which are susceptible of harming you in a way or another. You always run the risk of withdrawing into -
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Cute Leo

The Rabbit and Leo

One can always wonder if the element Rabbit in this structure is advantageous or disadvantageous to the element Leo. If the Rabbit gives the Leo realism and practical sense, it may curb the development of a personality which only wants to bloom and assert itself.

In any case, you're an individual who is very proud, who likes efficacy, and who despises incapable people. You willingly take-
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Cute Virgo

The Rabbit and Virgo

It would be erroneous to believe that this structure gives some kind of Virgo squared or double Rabbit. Indeed, you can only be one or the other of these two quite different, almost antithetical personalities, and the branching out in one or the other direction depends on still totally unknown circumstances.

You can be a personality who's maniacal, cheeseparing, haunted by the fear of ne-
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Cute Libra

The Rabbit and Libra

Qualities which are at first contradictory ally harmoniously to make of you a first-rate personality. Your efficacy and know-how are at the service of your extremely sensitive, esthetic, and refined temperament.

You've a constant concern of doing service to others, but without forgetting your own interests. Fond of order and good manners, you may sometimes appear a little too maniacal or-
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Cute Scorpio

The Rabbit and Scorpio

To be as rational as possible: this is what seems to be your life motto. You intend to submit all your actions and even your sentiments to the power of reasoning. Carelessness and fantasy have no room with you for you are a nature which is extremely conscientious and studious, always concerned about doing things the best way possible. Moreover, you've acute critical sense which is directed toward -
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Cute Sagittarius

The Rabbit and Sagittarius

Your basic shyness most often plays you dirty tricks in the amorous as well as other domains. This shyness is generally due to the inhibiting influence of your family or of a little too severe education. Fortunately, you can overcome it, at least to a large extent, if you become conscious of it and if you take appropriate measures.

You're rather emotive, and your emotivity often hides un-
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Cute Capricorn

The Rabbit and Capricorn

One could never say that you're open and expansive. On the contrary, those who are in touch with you often find you difficult to know. Your suffer from numerous inhibitions and like to evolve in secrecy.

Your intelligence is very precise, efficacious, at the same time analytical and synthetical; but it tends to get lost in details, to narrow its horizon instead of widening it.

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Cute Aquarius

The Rabbit and Aquarius

Two not easily reconcilable natures exist within you one wants to take all risks and adopts all changes; the other clings to security and conventions. It's not easy for you to live this paradox eternally. And yet, you can achieve admirable things if you know how to profit from both your innovative mind and methodical spirit. Otherwise you run the risk of scattering your energies in all directions.-
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Cute Pisces

The Rabbit and Pisces

You're very much at ease with your multiple contradictions, they only disorientate and inconvenience others! You're at the same time generous and mean, disinterested and egoistic, extravagant and miserly, intuitive and narrow-minded, shy and impudent. You also have contradictory aspirations. If you're moralistic as far as education is concerned, you're clearly amoral in the way you behave.
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