The 0 THE RAT 0 Symbol - DUAL SIGNS
Cute Aries

The Rat and Aries

You are a great will-o'-the-wisp you essentially live in the present moment and show almost permanent inability to turn back. Your entire life can be marked with instability, dispersion, the taste for game, the desire to be always on the move. Thus there'll be no likelihood of profound taking root in any field whatsoever. In other words, you're attracted by the ephemeral, the transitory.

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Cute Taurus

The Rat and Taurus

This combination is very interesting. Your personality implies, on one hand, stability and opening on reality which are particular to the Taurus sign, and on the other hand the lightness and intellectuality of the Rat sign. Therefore, you are neither too materialistic nor too idealistic.

You've much humor and charm, and always preserve a candid and juvenile side to your character. Everyt-
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Cute Gemini

The Rat and Gemini

You're very unstable and changeable. You need to be always on the move, physically as well as mentally. You only live in the present moment, forgetting your experiences immediately and getting rid of your memories as quickly as possible. You change ideas as you do shirts, which renders you difficult to understand by others; besides, you willingly take a malicious pleasure in disconcerting your cir-
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Cute Cancer

The Rat and Cancer

An eternal adolescent, you're full of charm and agreeable follies. You preserve the youthfulness of your character a long time. The other side of the coin is that you constantly have difficulty behaving as a real adult and assuming the responsibilities that are yours. There will always be in you a side of capricious, spoiled child. You know better than anyone how to move your close ones and arouse-
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Cute Leo

The Rat and Leo

You're always on the go for the conquest of the entire world! Everything interests you, and you interest all those who're in relation with you thanks to your intelligence, your know-how, and your personal radiance. You've easy contacts with the exterior world and a certain ascendancy on others.

Gifted for a thousand things, you don't want to delve deeply in any, whence certain superficia-
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Cute Virgo

The Rat and Virgo

You proceed in life by regularly making two steps forward and one step backward. It's impossible for you to let yourself go completely at a moment or another, for you prefer keeping a good control over your thoughts and gestures. You look for contact but need a universe of your own where you feel in security. Family life counts much for you; yet you try to react against its influence. You're intel-
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Cute Libra

The Rat and Libra

For you, life is a delicious adventure and not a painful ordeal. Thus you're always happy to live, and your joy is so contagious that one cannot but share it when one finds oneself near you. Your gaiety and youth of mind never falter.

You possess much charm, gentleness, and tenderness, which attract sympathies and successes to you. You've a constant need of human contacts and exchanges o-
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Cute Scorpio

The Rat and Scorpio

Those who pretend to know you best are probably those who know you the least, for your personality is so elusive that all judgments one can make about you may prove wrong! Without wanting it purposefully, you're a chameleon par excellence.

You're of tremendous intelligence. Handling paradox with dexterity, you use words as defensive and offensive weapons at the same time. You justify eve-
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Cute Sagittarius

The Rat and Sagittarius

Your personality eternally bears the mark of adolescence, with a very playful, emotive, and sentimental side. There always exists in you something unfinished and unconcerned. Very light-hearted, you always try to escape all ascendancy, but with gentleness. You are neither very realistic nor very tenacious, and have a tendency to lethargy.

Boredom is your number one enemy. It's why you've-
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Cute Capricorn

The Rat and Capricorn

You're a nature which is cerebral, very much interested in ideas and all that's located beyond appearances, the known, and the concrete. Your intelligence is quick, analytic, but also capable of synthesis.

One can say that you're rather easy to live with, all the more so as you've a well developed sense of humor. But you stay aloof from all that can hurt or inconvenience you, and your ov-
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Cute Aquarius

The Rat and Aquarius

What you hate most in life is stability and sedentariness, whether physical or mental. You constantly need changes and fluctuations. You want to live like a real draft, completely impossible for others to grasp. Prone to nomadism, you're always on roads, or at least pursue an activity which allows you great mobility of mind.

You can't bear any constraint or engagement. And yet, you've th-
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Cute Pisces

The Rat and Pisces

You're a real weathercock you incessantly change ideas, almost without noticing it yourself, and one never knows well how to go about you. Capricious, you categorically refuse to get bored or to let other people bore you. It's why you play with your fellow-men and also with your own feelings. Sometimes you've an impossible comportment, but this doesn't prevent you from being charming.

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