Cute Aries

The Rooster and Aries

Your whole personality releases extreme combativeness and remarkable power of action. The turn of your destiny entirely depends on the way this aggressiveness is used. If it's well canalized toward altruistic activity, for instance medicine or the bar, then you're capable of reaching the highest summits. In the contrary case, it may become a curse for yourself and others. If interiorized, this tre-
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Cute Taurus

The Rooster and Taurus

You're a tormented personality, which will improve only after numerous years of life. Your mind is little inclined to concessions and shows a clear tendency to resentment. Your comportment is demanding and rigorous, which renders you terribly efficacious, but also difficult, obstinate, tyrannical, and even egoistic. Add to all this your frequent fits of bad humor and sudden outbursts. No wonder if-
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Cute Gemini

The Rooster and Gemini

You're endowed with powerful and penetrating intelligence. You grasp everything quickly and let nothing pass. With your extreme critical sense, you readily perceive the weaknesses of others and manifest no indulgence toward them. You cannot bear stupid and fearful people, and you like to force your interlocutors to become conscious.

You're by no means an open book for others. And yet, yo-
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Cute Cancer

The Rooster and Cancer

You function above all with your mysterious antennas. Everything in you is only emotion, sensation, secret. Your sensitiveness and intuition are powerful and often border on the mediumistic sphere. You learn many things simply by revelation, without reasoning or demonstration. Your dreams are often premonitory, and your presentiments announce strange events. All this gives you a fascinating, bewit-
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Cute Leo

The Rooster and Leo

You possess tremendous psychic energy, very strong presence, and great magnetism. You also exercise strong ascendancy over others; but this does not always entail happiness because your determination and undisputed authority can provoke strong and tenacious ill feelings. On the other hand, you don't hate being feared; you even try to control your power so as to render it more dreadful. Add to all -
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Cute Virgo

The Rooster and Virgo

You always seem disquieting to those who don't know you well. Indeed, you're a personality who's extremely secret and almost impossible to know. With your very observing and critical mind, you show terrifying willpower, intelligence, and lucidity. You also possess such cleverness as is sometimes deemed diabolical.

In spite of your real courage, you've a base of anguish which often manife-
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Cute Libra

The Rooster and Libra

This is a structure of conflict and passion. You take others into account, you want to handle them with care, but you've the almost irresistible temptation to demolish them! You continually live a harsh struggle between your desire to please and do everything so as not to be rejected, and your need of the absolute, rigor, and intransigence. Generally, your aggressivity returns against you, hence a-
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Cute Scorpio

The Rooster and Scorpio

You're an individual who's difficult to live with for yourself as well as for others. Everything in you is brought to the extreme, be it the good or the bad, the desirable or the abominable. Nothing happens to you as to others. You can be either very aggressive and disquieting, or very shy and pathetic. Very anxious and very depressive, you're nevertheless endowed with extraordinary psychic energy-
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Cute Sagittarius

The Rooster and Sagittarius

You're a charming but very complex person, an eternally dissatisfied personality. You've at the same time a golden heart and extreme, self-destructive tendencies.

Your magnetism is powerful. You possess authority, you impose yourself without raising your voice. One recognizes in you a generous nature which is endowed with great courage, with instinctive and deep need to go beyond its own-
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Cute Capricorn

The Rooster and Capricorn

You're endowed with an extremely powerful will, which makes you lift up mountains. In any case, you assign yourself the task of overcoming the obstacles on your road and reaching the peaks. Cold and logical, you do your best to succeed.

One says that you're secret and one isn't wrong, for it's never easy to guess your plans or your intentions you're a closed book for others. On the other-
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Cute Aquarius

The Rooster and Aquarius

You're endowed with solid realism, an iron will, and great aggressivity. Passion constitutes the motor of your life. And yet, you often have a difficult destiny which you can hardly control. It seems that you're made to undergo a rigorous fate. You won't be immune to numerous ordeals in the course of your existence, notably upheavals in your youth concerning your family.

You're perspicac-
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Cute Pisces

The Rooster and Pisces

You're a mysterious personality which one has much difficulty to know for you alternatively present two totally different facets. Either one only sees the swaggering and aggressive side of the Rooster in you, or only the dreamy and idealistic side of the Pisces. In any case, you've much charm, but on the other hand your brusque comportment can lose you sympathies.

There's a somewhat maso-
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