Cute Aries

The Sheep and Aries

Despite your ardor and dynamism, you do show a clear tendency to utopia or mysticism. You often have the desire to be elsewhere or to have something else which is not of this world. Basically hedonistic, you love life and its pleasures, but you can renounce them altogether should circumstances require it.

You're more emotive and sensitive than you want to appear. Tender and mischievous at-
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Cute Taurus

The Sheep and Taurus

One would willingly let oneself be subjugated by your charm. Whether you're a man or woman of this combination, your physical beauty is remarkable, above all with your luminous eyes.

You're endowed with powerful intuition and great sensitiveness. You also have the art of creating ambiences. With your natural gentleness, you've easy and numerous contacts. One notes in you a great desire t-
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Cute Gemini

The Sheep and Gemini

What most characterizes your personality is imprecision. One can never know how to go about you. Everything in you is only confusion, instability, insouciance, and contradictions. Very shrewd is the one who's not mistaken on your account! One is often inclined to credit you with many altruistic feelings, whereas in actuality you only have all superficial generosity, the one which above all consist-
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Cute Cancer

The Sheep and Cancer

You've a very soft heart you're always ready to dream, to get stirred up, especially when you're in love. Everything takes place in you at the psychic and imaginative level. You often lack willpower and realism.

You're lovable, tolerant, generous, and sensitive. But one would like to see you react with less susceptibility and behave in a less capricious, less childish way.

No o-
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Cute Leo

The Sheep and Leo

You're as Leo as any other Leo, but additionally you're endowed with a disconcerting nature. One never knows where you're about, and you yourself don't know either! It's because you're very much attached to utopias, very idealistic, and as passionate as one can be. Sometimes, you've vast inspirations of genius. In any case, intuition is stronger in you than in all your fellow-natives.

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Cute Virgo

The Sheep and Virgo

Contradictory tendencies coexist calmly in you. You can be at the same time methodical and imaginative, realistic and dreamy, attached to your security and ready to leave reality, egocentric and altruistic. You constantly swing from on pole to the other without causing waves or dramas.

In any case, you're easy to live with. But you're a little too ready to sacrifice yourself as if you we-
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Cute Libra

The Sheep and Libra

You're a real photographic plate - you feel everything, you receive all impressions, you perceive all aggressions. Your extreme receptivity renders you too sensitive, too vulnerable in this pitiless world. You lack efficacious means of defense, you run the risk of being trapped by pity or finding yourself in complex situations, all the more so as you're careful not to hurt anyone. No wonder if you-
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Cute Scorpio

The Sheep and Scorpio

You function only with your own antennas, reason having nothing to do here! It's because your nature is essentially psychic, intuitive, even mediumistic. Besides, you must only rely on your instinct, your sixth sense, for your reasoning is most often misled by your emotions.

You're eternally unsatisfied with this world, which can make of you an ill-adapted person, a drop-out, a nomad, a -
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Cute Sagittarius

The Sheep and Sagittarius

You behave most often as if, for you, happiness were elsewhere and could by no means be here and now. It's why you look for all possible kinds of escapism and have a great passion for travels. It's impossible for you to be satisfied with what's within your reach and content with reality.

As reality and everyday life bore you, you show certain lethargy and dilettantism. You appear carefre-
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Cute Capricorn

The Sheep and Capricorn

You function essentially with your own antennas, for you feel things more than you understand them. In fact, you're almost always right in trusting your intuition, which is really extraordinary.

You've a great thirst for tenderness. But you let yourself be influenced too easily when your sentiments are at play. Thus you're more often disappointed than satisfied. In order to console yours-
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Cute Aquarius

The Sheep and Aquarius

You're probably the most Aquarius of all Aquarius, that is, a person who's profoundly dreamy and idealistic, often unconscious of realities and indifferent to incidentals. With the secret side to your character, you like mystery, you've a keen interest in occultism, the fantastic, in all that's related to the strange, the irrational, the paranormal, to experiences beyond the known world. You alway-
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Cute Pisces

The Sheep and Pisces

You're nothing else than a heap of impressions! Receptive, perceptive, extremely intuitive, you don't reflect, you only feel. You learn everything without understanding, you know everything without learning!

You imaginative life harbors illusions of all kinds, with constant temptations of escape from reality and of irresponsibility. If you're left to yourself, you can go adrift. Hence th-
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