Cute Aries

The Snake and Aries

This structure, it must be admitted, is not easy to live, for it calls fundamentally opposite tendencies into play. Your life seems to be totally based on affectivity. You loudly and strongly claim happiness for yourself, but on the other hand you're capable of absolute sacrifices for others.

This inclination for sacrifice can sometimes take on immoderate proportions then you only think o-
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Cute Taurus

The Snake and Taurus

You possess much charm and power to please; it's indeed very difficult for anyone to vie with you on this score. There also exists in your comportment a kind of funniness which makes of you a very engaging personality. You couldn't live alone relationships with others occupy a preponderant place in your existence, be it about love, marriage, familial or professional relations.

But under -
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Cute Gemini

The Snake and Gemini

Your personality is very attractive on the whole. Indeed, you've much charm, lightness, intelligence as well as exquisite grace. You also possess a real gift for creating and maintaining harmonious and warm relations. Having a great need to please and charm all those around you, you're very concerned about the opinion and sensitiveness of others by taking care to act with as little egoism as possi-
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Cute Cancer

The Snake and Cancer

This structure suits women more than it does men. Indeed, its masculine natives are too hesitant and easily influenced, or too dependent on their surroundings to have the best chances in life.

You're a very sentimental and romantic nature. You function almost exclusively with your heart and intuition. It's why, as is the case with all dreamers, you expose yourself to numerous disappointm-
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Cute Leo

The Snake and Leo

Like all Leos, you've magnetism and charm. But with this structure, these qualities are brought to the highest point. Few people can have your easiness in life, your aptitude for winning friends and acquaintances.

Friendship and society life holds a large place in the unfolding of your destiny. You can't not bear not being loved, and will always know how to arouse innumerable attachments-
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Cute Virgo

The Snake and Virgo

You proceed in life on the tips of your toes, you look at the world with frightened eyes. It's in your vital interest to learn to overcome your paralyzing shyness, your excessive reserve, your obsessional fear of being judged or criticized. You must also defend yourself against strong tendencies to conformism and worries about what people can say.

You've much charm and kindness. But you'-
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Cute Libra

The Snake and Libra

You're an esthete to your fingertips, beauty under all its forms playing an essential role in your existence. One cannot but admire your personality which is refined, full of grace and ease, with perfect, inimitable gestures and exquisite, irreproachable taste. Even men of this combination could be taken for women as they have so much charm! You love to be surrounded with beautiful objects, to liv-
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Cute Scorpio

The Snake and Scorpio

Are you agreeably charming or dangerously fascinating? The question proves to be useless because you are both! Indeed, you try to exercise your domination over others by charm and diplomacy; you're also divided between your love of others and your desire to dominate or demolish them. One could accuse you of sadistic tendencies, but in actuality they are less often directed against others than agai-
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Cute Sagittarius

The Snake and Sagittarius

You function almost exclusively with your heart, your reason having no word to say here. With your extreme emotivity, you sift everything through the sieve of your affectivity. Even your intelligence is always colored with sentimentality.

Loving beauty under all its forms, you're inclined to facility and like to profit by the unexpected. You obtain much from others by your charm and kind-
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Cute Capricorn

The Snake and Capricorn

One should not be mistaken on your account: under your charming and perhaps somewhat indecisive appearance hides in actuality an unshakable determination. You know what you want and, despite your affable and diplomatic manners, nothing and nobody can divert you from your objective. You can make concessions when it's necessary, often to impose your will better.

Some people say that you're-
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Cute Aquarius

The Snake and Aquarius

Enjoying penetrating intelligence, you understand everything very quickly. Nothing escapes the glance of your mind. And yet, because of your excessive cerebralism, you tend to judge by basing yourself on theories and not on realities and to get lost in abstraction. This is to say that you're of a basically utopian nature.

You always feel the need to please and make yourself accepted beca-
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Cute Pisces

The Snake and Pisces

You're a great romantic, thirsty of tenderness and very receptive to sentiments of others. You can't live without arousing love or admiration. You can't either refrain from charming at all costs, by trying to give pleasure and making everybody satisfied around you.

Lacking energy and strength of character, you tend to let yourself be exploited, or you confound love and pity. You're ready-
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