Thursday February 22, 2018

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Friday February 23, 2018

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Tiger HoroscopeThis year you'll benefit from excellent astral influxes. You'll know how to profit by life and by all the events it brings about. You'll achieve most of your dearest projects. However, you'll sometimes have to cope with calls into question, which may perhaps be violent and painful but which will bring about a definite improvement of your comportment and of your heart. Submit yourself graciously to such astral influences, do not shirk them.

You might pretty often happen to be too idealistic, to the point of losing your sense of reality and consequently exposing yourself to such deceptions as you'll find it hard to endure. Try to have better balanced views of people and things. In order to protect yourself against sorrow and discouragement provoked by other people's comportment which you deem deplorable, remind yourself that man could be everything but reasonable.

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