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The Fire Horse

Monday February 19, 2018

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Tuesday February 20, 2018

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Horse HoroscopeYou'll begin the year with good resolutions: to put your love life to order, to pull away the bad grasses of doubt and boredom, to dispel once for all the last misunderstandings. But such are things that are not so simple to achieve as to say. Fortunately, the astral influxes will stimulate your willpower and allow you to get results worthy of your requirements and hopes.

Generally speaking, you'll have a new rendezvous with luck, success, dynamism and love this year. The stars will help you solve your various problems, whatever they may be, because you'll be borne by great enthusiasm and will no longer be alone. Nothing could succeed in discouraging you; on the contrary, obstacles will stimulate you. You'll be well decided not to let yourself be disheartened.
Chinese Zodiac Element Fire

What Your Fire Element Adds

You'll feel torn between the desire to stay much of your time with your family and the need to widen your horizon by living outdoors. Why not think of making encounters through your professional activities?

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