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The Wood Dragon

Wednesday December 1, 2021

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Thursday December 2, 2021

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Dragon HoroscopeThis year's astral environment, dominated by the planet Truong Sinh, will subject you to a brutal pulling between two contradictory tendencies. On one side, you'll greatly wish to improve your personal image and become a subject of general admiration. But, one the other side, you'll have no intention whatsoever to make concessions and will mean to act the way you like. A cruel dilemma which you alone will be able to solve! But with a strong dose of good sense, you can do it.

In order to exploit Heaven's good influences and soften its difficult impacts, you'll only have to adopt an attitude in conformity with the position of the star Thien Su. This year Thien Su will station himself in the sector related to self-expression. In order to profit well by the year's influences as a whole, be confident in yourself, trust what you desire and what you intuitively feel as just and fulfilling for you.
Chinese Zodiac Element Wood

What Your Wood Element Adds

"Modesty is for merit what shades are for figures in a painting: it gives it force and relief" (La Bruyere). Don't try to extol your qualities and your merits; this can only be harmful to you. Your value will be all the better recognized as you will keep silent.

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