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The Metal Rabbit

Thursday January 18, 2018

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Friday January 19, 2018

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Rabbit HoroscopeYour personality will tend to bloom this year - you'll be less secret, less withdrawn than usual; you'll look more for the company of others. The year will be most favorable to extolling your creative talents. The stars will incite you to exploit your hidden resources whose usefulness will not be limited only to your affairs or to your home. Set your imagination free!

Beware, however! Your tendency to compassion will be increased this year. It's possible that it will induce you to take care of others exaggeratedly, to the point of imposing yourself heavy financial or other burdens. Don't let yourself be moved by the misfortunes that others will describe to you in a deliberately tragic manner. Assure yourself of the validity of what people tell you before granting your aid. Besides, remember that well ordered charity begins with oneself.
Chinese Zodiac Element Metal

What Your Metal Element Adds

The Moon will often incline you to a romantic mood with a shade of nostalgia. Do not wake up your old loves: you may at the same time reopen the old wounds of your heart!

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