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The Metal Pig

Monday April 24, 2017

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Tuesday April 25, 2017

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Pig HoroscopeThe Pig may exceptionally encounter some financial difficulties, for his/her business won't be at top prosperity. But he/she should not wreck his/her health because of that by working excessively. On the contrary, he/she would better look for a good compensation in meditation and reflection.

Dear Pig, be a bookworm, and you'll profit by the year well. Do you know that reading is for the mind what exercise is for the body, as Joseph Addison said? Of course, it isn't necessary to read much, but to read usefully, by finding in reading the means to ennoble oneself and to become wiser.
Chinese Zodiac Element Metal

What Your Metal Element Adds

The first eight months of the year will be very constructive. In your work, you can take bold initiatives, and this daring will turn out to be worth it. In love also, you'll direct your destiny. During the last four months of the year, however, you'll be tempted again to let fate decide in your place. It'll be necessary to react and refuse all passiveness.

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