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The Wood Dragon

Sunday April 23, 2017

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Monday April 24, 2017

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Dragon HoroscopeLuck will smile to the charming Dragon. He/she will prosper in many sectors of activity. And as far as amorous conquests are concerned, he/she will be among the luckiest ones. Will all that make him/her happy? It's little probable, for the native can't help having a feeling of dissatisfaction. He/she would have preferred, rather unconsciously most of the time, experiencing a profound and durable love instead of thrilling but transitory amorous affairs. He/she would also have wished to lead a richer and more intense interior life.

But his/her happiness will depend on him/her and him/her alone. In order to be happy, he/she must, right now, begin to learn wisdom. "When one is young, one must apply oneself to philosophizing; and when one is old, one should not get tired of philosophizing. For it's never too early or too late to work for the health of the soul" (Epicurus).
Chinese Zodiac Element Wood

What Your Wood Element Adds

Thanks to the alliance between the stars Tu Vi (success) and Tham Lang (strictness), this year appears to be very constructive. In your work, you'll make use of redoubtable efficiency. In your conjugal and family life, you'll fully assume your responsibilities. With you, your nearest and dearest will feel secure.

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