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The Fire Monkey

Saturday March 17, 2018

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Sunday March 18, 2018

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Monkey HoroscopeCertain changes will take place in your life. They will all be positive, profitable and agreeable if you know how to appreciate and handle them. Don't let the past and useless details clog your existence. Try to get rid of all that impedes your march or hampers your spontaneity and joy. "Remember to forget" (Nietzsche). Your happiness is before you, not behind you!

In spite of your apprehensions, notable improvements in many fields will be actual and, for certain natives, there will even be a positive change in the career. Certain solutions will come along unexpectedly. The year will be crucial as regards a sentimental encounter or a recovery of harmony with a beloved one. If you must take important decisions, seek advice from competent people.
Chinese Zodiac Element Fire

What Your Fire Element Adds

Savor pleasure fully as it comes along, however transitory it may be: That's the philosophic stance you will adopt this time. And you'll be determined to enforce it in all fields. In love, particularly, you'll show no desire to ask yourself unnecessary questions.

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