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The Earth Sheep

Monday April 24, 2017

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Tuesday April 25, 2017

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Sheep HoroscopeEager for action, the Goat may get somewhat bored this year and commit the worst foolish things. In order to canalize his/her energy into useful channels, he/she must join cultural clubs or participate in different debates and seminars.

If an occasion presents itself, he/she will have an interest in going to the discovery of countries, civilizations, and peoples still unknown to him/her. His/her trips will stimulate his/her thinking and help him/her acquire wisdom.
Chinese Zodiac Element Earth

What Your Earth Element Adds

For you, this year will be placed under the joint influence of the stars Tu Vi (success, well-being) and Tham Lang (seriousness, sense of effort). A positive alliance that will allow you to give solid bases to your career as well as your private life. In work, you'll gain responsibilities. In love, you'll strengthen the ties that unite you with your mate.

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