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The Metal Snake

Saturday January 22, 2022

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Sunday January 23, 2022

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Snake HoroscopeDon't let yourself be disheartened by the failures or misfortunes that you'll meet on your way even though the most pessimistic people may make the direst commentaries. Avoid birds of ill omen and do the opposite of what they say. Thus you'll end up believing firmly that everything can go better, and this will allow you to get back on your feet, with the help of those who love you and have confidence in you. Always persuade yourself that "chance is a bird that waits for the arrival of the catcher" (Ausone).

The only star that's totally positive for you this year will be Tham Lang - an austere and severe personage. This might discourage you, but you would be wrong. Indeed, whereas few planets will support you, very few stars will be against you. And this relative neutrality of Heaven will prove to be an advantage for you. You can indeed take time to live, enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest, and develop your personal interests. This won't probably be a year of all triumphs, but undoubtedly one of all small and real joys.
Chinese Zodiac Element Metal

What Your Metal Element Adds

Your life is made of much seriousness and quite much work. Each of your victories is dearly acquired. But this too great desire for perfection may prove boring to others. "A man of character doesn't have a good character" (Jules Renard). So, think of mingling some fancy with your rigor. Then people will find you irresistible!

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