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The Fire Rabbit

Wednesday May 12, 2021

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Thursday May 13, 2021

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Rabbit HoroscopeIt might happen to you from time to time this year to be too idealistic, to the point of losing your sense of reality and consequently of exposing yourself to such disappointments as you'll find it hard to endure. Try to have a more correct view of people and things. Don't be overly sad about the behavior of others - behavior that you'll find deplorable, unreasonable. "In order to live, let live" (Baltasar Gracian).

In order to profit well by the good influences of Heaven and curb its negative impacts, it will be in your interest to watch the position of the star Thien Quan. This year, Thien Quan will be in the sectors related to money and decay of your chart. Don't try to dodge the anguishes that may assail you: it's by facing them squarely that you'll recover your serenity and optimism. On the financial plane, simply satisfy yourself with adapting your behavior to your ideas. If, for instance, you can't bear the wasting around you, begin with reducing your own expenses.
Chinese Zodiac Element Fire

What Your Fire Element Adds

You'll be endowed with much vitality and the desire to progress in all fields or to face all problems. However, beware of your latent aggressiveness, which might explode where it's least expected.

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