Dragon at WorkThe Dragon's originality is the most impressive and outstanding of all his characteristics. The Dragon is quite imaginative and always able to see new paths where others may run into brick walls. Dragons are very adaptable and are fit for various occupations, especially if those occupations allow him to take the limelight. In any of these occupational situations, the Dragons will take a radical approach. Dragons work hard, but would rather give orders than receive them. They should avoid jobs that encompass too much routine, and should move toward jobs in which their self-reliance can be an asset.

Well Suited Dragon Occupations

Computer analysts, Inventors, Engineers, Architects, Lawyers, Philosophers, Psychoanalysts, Brokers, Managers, Salespeople, PR People, Advertising agents, Armed forces members, Campaigners, Politicians

February 16, 2018 to May 14, 2018

Much to do in your work, many responsibilities to fulfill in family. As a result, this period will evolve without your noticing it. You'd perhaps regret not to have more than twenty-four hours a day. But console yourself: it would be much better to see time pass too quickly than to be obliged to try desperately to kill it! With this being said, your work will give you plenty of satisfactions and, for some of you, a promotion or a pay raise is by no means impossible.

May 15, 2018 to August 10, 2018

Thanks to the support of the star Tieu Hao, you really won't have anything serious to fear for your work. Nevertheless, the everyday routine may be disturbed by unexpected events. You're among the signs who need security and stability in order to work efficaciously, and therefore the contretemps of this period can somewhat destabilize you. Try to preserve your self-confidence and act right away in order to take up the challenges. Your combativeness will allow you to turn the situation to your advantage.


August 11, 2018 to November 7, 2018

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November 8, 2018 to February 4, 2019

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