Cute Aries

The Dragon and Aries

Impulsiveness, courage, bravery, panache you possess all this to the highest degree. The other side of the coin is that you have much pride and always feel a visceral need to be admired, praised, even idolized. You aim too high and tend to believe yourself to be invulnerable.

In any case, you impose yourself by your radiance, for you've much magnetism and ascendancy over others. With your-
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Cute Taurus

The Dragon and Taurus

There probably exists no better combination than this one to make artistic geniuses and great esthetes. Its natives love beauty in an almost passionate manner and bear neither mediocrity nor ugliness. It's therefore in art jobs or artistic criticism that you can have the best chance of success.

Enjoying the pleasures of life, you attach very great importance to your material security and-
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Cute Gemini

The Dragon and Gemini

You're probably one of the best gifted persons of the Chinese and Western zodiacs. And this is often your drama! Indeed, if you can succeed in practically everything, you also have an interest in everything, whence difficulties of choice. In fact, you can know success only if you can manage to fix yourself and to devote your energy to a well defined art or job.

You possess much charm and-
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Cute Cancer

The Dragon and Cancer

You put your great Cancerian imagination at the service of your Dragonian mythomania. This can sometimes give happy results; but more often you run the risk of spending your time believing in a marvelous near future, which is always postponed. You imagine yourself to be a prestigious person, you want yourself to be admirable, but reality is rarely up to your aspirations.

You're very idea-
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Cute Leo

The Dragon and Leo

You're a very much asserted personality, with your willpower brought to the highest point. Your self-confidence and ease are without fail. You're very authoritarian, with fits of anger which are sudden, explosive, but rapidly forgotten. You've the sense of action and responsibilities; you know how to act, decide, adopt drastic measures. You're an uncompromising antagonist who will never accept def-
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Cute Virgo

The Dragon and Virgo

You're continually divided between your innate desire for glory and prestige, and a necessarily more humble comportment. You're perfectly conscious of the fact that your material means is limited as regards your aspirations. But this doesn't prevent you from having much pride and haughtiness, being extremely susceptible, and bearing neither criticism nor contradiction.

The only weapons w-
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Cute Libra

The Dragon and Libra

There are no more narcissist ones than you are; but it's a good kind of narcissism which one could find lovable and charming. You also have a great need to please and charm, with a strong penchant for conquest.

Your main flaw is your too great self-indulgence, your tendency to self-satisfaction. If you don't succeed in fighting it, it may prove to be a serious obstacle to the good develo-
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Cute Scorpio

The Dragon and Scorpio

What you hate most is to see someone have the bad taste or daring to resist you. Conscious of the force of your personality, you don't imagine that people can allow themselves to bump into you. You're also conscious of your creative power which overturns everything, upsets everything, which imposes itself by personal magnetism. Despite the despotic, tyrannical side to your character, you fascinate-
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Cute Sagittarius

The Dragon and Sagittarius

In order to live, you need other people's admiration as you do air. You go to great lengths to arouse this feeling. To encounter certain indifference is enough for you to feel underestimated and unhappy. By chance, you've the gift for making yourself appreciated and liked, for you're a nature which is radiant, generous, always ready to help someone.

You naturally attract weak people, tra-
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Cute Capricorn

The Dragon and Capricorn

This combination endows your personality with much presence, freshness, and cleverness. You've no trouble using your abilities to advantage, in society as well as in your career. Your will is strong, and your ambition is great. You know perfectly how to manage your affairs well and work with much ardor.

But one can reproach you for your excessive perfectionism, which not only exhausts yo-
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Cute Aquarius

The Dragon and Aquarius

It's never easy for you to live your permanent interior contradictions. On one hand, you're narcissist, self-centered, stubborn, authoritarian; on the other hand, you're comprehensive, tolerant, eccentric. However, it appears that your Aquarius side tends to take precedence over your Dragon side; indeed, you like to dream of romantic love affairs, admirable roles, and human brotherhood.

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Cute Pisces

The Dragon and Pisces

You have magnetism profusely. No one can remain insensitive to your radiance. However, you tend to overdo the glorious side to your character, hence your mythomania and your boastfulness which may harm your charm and efficaciousness. Indeed, life often reserves you ordeals which compel you little by little to show yourself more humble, to assume your weaknesses gracefully. Your strong initial egoc-
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