The 4 THE DRAGON 4 Symbol - SEX
Dragon SexDragons have a high opinion of themselves and expect this to be reciprocated from their lover. They actively seek excitement and thrills, so will be adventurous and experimental when it comes to sex. Never a dull moment in bed with a Dragon, they're energetic and have high libidos! They also have extremely high expectations in the bedroom so it's best not to disappoint them.

Best Partners

Monkey and Rat

Worst Partner



Energetic and powerful positions such as Standing Up or Dirty Dancing
SkillBeing good with their hands makes the Dragon a hands-on kind of lover. They are not much for chitchat or expressing themselves with words. Even the Dragon woman is the strong silent type. Their sense of humor makes for fun pillow talk afterwards. Once relaxed, they're more likely to open up and express their love with words.
Female Symbol

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Female Dragon

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Male Symbol

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of the Male Dragon

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