Cute Aries

The Tiger and Aries

What can one say about this combination? You're somewhat an "Aries squared" a sign where all the tendencies common to the general Aries are exalted and amplified. It's not easy for you to live such a situation as your personality is so explosive.

Your impulsiveness is the highlight of your character. You act and react so quickly that you generally have no time to compose with circumstance-
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Cute Taurus

The Tiger and Taurus

You benefit from a superb combination, which gives you the means to achieve great things in your life. Thanks to your quick perception, you ordinarily know exactly what you want, and you pursue your objectives with never-failing perseverance. It'd be useless to tell you to let yourself be borne by the current and to merge into the crowd: you won't listen for your self-assertion is extremely strong-
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Cute Gemini

The Tiger and Gemini

You are par excellence a sociable nature. You give very great importance to your relationships with others, who appreciate your ease, your youth of mind, and your witty remarks. Thanks to your brilliant intelligence, you could have triumphed over all difficulties at school, and your curiosity is a great asset in your learning. However, by being interested in too many things, you may sometimes find-
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Cute Cancer

The Tiger and Cancer

Your personality is very strongly marked with the flagrant contradiction between the temptation to take refuge in maternal bosom and the need of adventures. You'll always hesitate between these two tendencies, like Buridan's ass, not knowing very well which way to turn. Sometimes, in order to put an end to your beating about the bush, you show yourself brusque and provocative, thus exposing yourse-
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Cute Leo

The Tiger and Leo

There emanates from your personality particularly strong attractive magnetism. No one can remain insensitive to your radiance. You're endowed with much courage, willpower, and ambition. Passions play an essential role in your destiny. You have faith in what you do it's powerful, immense, active faith, the one that lifts up mountains.

This Leo/Tiger structure is very virile and seems to b-
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Cute Virgo

The Tiger and Virgo

Between two contradictory tendencies your personality swings perpetually. On one side, the Virgo incites you to egoism and search for security and comfort; on the other side, the Tiger pushes you toward adventures and fights. If you don't succeed in choosing a definite way, you run the risk of spending your life in muddle and futility, and also of translating your interior conflicts into perpetual-
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Cute Libra

The Tiger and Libra

You're magnanimity and generosity personified you don't calculate and don't know meanness. When you give yourself or when you love, it's without reserve. Concerned about pleasing and not bearing to be rejected, you entertain very good relations with others, even going to self-sacrifice if necessary.

You've a very romantic temperament, which sometimes borders on insipid charm. For your in-
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Cute Scorpio

The Tiger and Scorpio

This structure is not easy to assume. You live continually on a volcano your character is difficult, passionate, thirsty of the absolute, and incapable of composing with the relative. You should try to sublimate your violent, brutal aggressivity if you don't want it to return against yourself and compromise your chances in life. You should also be vigilant so as to prevent the sadistic side to you-
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Cute Sagittarius

The Tiger and Sagittarius

For you, the whole world is your home and people on all the continents are your friends! This is to say that you feel at ease everywhere. Above all, you've a great need of movement and a great love of travels. Your relations with foreign countries take on an essential importance in your life.

You also have a taste for risk and adventure. Security be it material, physical, or affective is-
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Cute Capricorn

The Tiger and Capricorn

This structure makes you live a constant conflict between two different and incompatible rhythms. On one hand, your look for movement, show vivaciousness and certain aggressiveness; on the other hand, you need to live in calm, to recharge your batteries in silence and solitude.

You've the courage of your opinions, which are most of the time clear-cut and without nuances. One would be wel-
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Cute Aquarius

The Tiger and Aquarius

Deeply passionate about change in all fields, you're a born reformer. You always want to turn everything upside down. One can count in your combination a great number of revolutionaries but also rebels, illustrious constructors but also notorious destroyers.

Your head is always full to bursting with ideas and projects. However, because of certain lack of practical mind and of certain nai-
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Cute Pisces

The Tiger and Pisces

You're the scene of two opposite temperaments your Pisces side is made of passivity and dream, and your Tiger side of activity and aggressivity. These two temperaments continually fight each other for influence. Ordinarily, it's the Tiger that wins in your childhood, thereafter progressively gives way to the Pisces.

You've much charm, presence, and kindliness. But one is often mistaken o-
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