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The Water Sheep

Saturday June 12, 2021

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Sunday June 13, 2021

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Sheep HoroscopeThis year could not be dull if you indulge in work with energy and decisiveness. Tell yourself that the time of muddling through is now definitely over. The planetary ambience will be favorable to well-thought action, and you should certainly draw benefits from the ardor that you'll show in accomplishing your tasks. Strictly follow your work plan, without continually jumping from one thing to another like a kangaroo!

In order to cope best with the difficulties of the year, adopt an attitude in accordance with the position of the star Thanh Long. This star will find himself this year in the sectors related to culture and thought. This will help you to grasp the sense of what you live, to understand thoroughly why you meet with a small failure from time to time and therefore to make a new start on a good basis.
Chinese Zodiac Element Water

What Your Water Element Adds

If you feel depressed without apparent reason, try to determine if the drug treatment which you've been undergoing is not responsible for it. Side effects of drug treatments, even though they may not always be serious, are sufficiently frequent to justify a systematic examination, even after several months or several years of treatment. If stomach pains are easily and often wrongly attributed to a drug, in general one hardly thinks of incriminating drug treatments in case of depressions or depressive syndromes.

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